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Our Curriculum

Curriculum Rationale

The rationale of our curriculum is primarily to promote children’s learning and development through a broad and balanced, imaginative curriculum. It includes the requirements of the National Curriculum and a whole-school imaginative approach to learning, as well as the additional extra-curricular activities organised to enrich our children’s learning experience. Our aim is for children to grow into positive, ambitious, responsible citizens. We have high expectations and believe that they should be given every opportunity to achieve their own personal potential. Our curriculum has key values such as respect, inclusion and equality and we aim for every child to thrive as an individual. We value the importance of providing a logical, progression of skills and knowledge to prepare children for the next stage of their education and to establish a love of learning.


Curriculum Intent

We aim to develop a curriculum that is broad, balanced and based on a progressive acquisition of skills and knowledge, which equips children for the next stage of their education. Our curriculum is underpinned by our ethos and values detailed within the six sections of The St Keyna Standard and the needs of our local area. The acquisition of vocabulary is vital and we strive to ensure that all of the children have tailored access to the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. The St Keyna Curriculum also provides numerous, planned opportunities for children to recall and deepen prior learning, enabling knowledge stored in the long term memory to become increasingly complex. The school plans a thematic approach to learning to stimulate the children.

For individual subject summaries of intent and implementation please click here.

Reading at St Keyna

At St Keyna, our resolve is to teach reading effectively and encourage a life-long love of reading. This skill underpins our curriculum and allows children access to learning at all stages of their lives, as well as equipping them with an enjoyable activity that provides relaxation and pleasure. Here is a summary of our reading programme. For more information about how to teach your child phonics please click here -

Our Skills Curriculum

The school’s curriculum provides rich opportunities for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
Good teaching and clear explanations from teachers help pupils to believe that they can achieve. This approach successfully supports pupils making good progress in reading, writing and mathematics.
Curriculum content for each subject by year group 
                                                                                          (Please note this year we are in Cycle 2)
Reception         English            Maths             Other Subjects
Year 1                English            Maths             Other Subjects
Year 2                English            Maths             Other Subjects
Year 3                English            Maths             Other Subjects
Year 4                English            Maths             Other Subjects
Year 5                English            Maths             Other Subjects
Year 6                English            Maths             Other Subjects
                                    Math's Calculation policy

Please note this content is still in completion.

British Values at St Keyna

At St Keyna, British values link to our Ammonite code. We include everyone as discrimination is not right!” Ella, Y6
British values are about being respectful, thoughtful and not about judging people.” Grace Y6
The DFE have stipulated the need to: “Create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation on all schools to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect of those with different faiths and beliefs.”
At St. Keyna, we take this responsibility very seriously and believe it is an inherent part of our duty to prepare our pupils for life in modern Britain. As such, these beliefs are encompassed within our school values, which include a strong focus on respect and being a positive citizen. For a more detailed explanation of how we promote British values click here.
We believe that to succeed in learning and in life a certain set of skills are required. We have encapsulated these into a set of animal characteristics and endeavour to build them into everything we do.