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School Council



The School Councillors came to school early every morning during poppy week to sell poppies. In total they raised £163 for the Royal British Legion.

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Harvest - Praise Bee!

This year we based our harvest on the theme of bees as without these amazing creatures plants wouldn’t be pollinated and fruit wouldn’t grow. Each class selected a theme to learn about (see below) and presented their learning in a whole school assembly.  As part of our harvest learning each class also made and baked a food using honey as an ingredient. These were then sold after school to raise funds for Keynsham Foodbank. Items sold ranged from Victorian gingerbread cake, to courgette, carrot & honey muffins.

Class                                          Theme

Little Gems and Quartz             Bee kind

Amethyst                                 Bee a team

Aquamarine                           Bee respectful

Sapphire                                 Bee thankful

Jade                                      Bee generous

Topaz                                    Bee thoughtful

Amber                                       Bee green

In total we raised £164 from our harvest sales.


Click below for minutes of our latest meetings.

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