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Term dates:

Mon 6th Sept      First day of term

WB 13th Sept     Meet the teacher ( Exact dates TBC)

4-6th Oct            Year 6 Residential Trip

Fri 8th Oct          Harvest assembly

Fri 22nd Oct       End of Term 1

Mon 1st Nov       Start of Term 2

Fri 17th Dec        End of Term 2

Weds 5th Jan     Start of Term 3

Fri 18th Feb        End of Term 3

Mon 28th Feb     Start of Term 4

Fri 8th April         End of Term 4

Mon 25th Apr      Start of Term 5

Fri 27th May       End of Term 5

Mon 6th June     Start of Term 6

Fri 22nd July       End of Term 6

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Diary dates:

Diary dates: