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Our Curriculum

At St Keyna we follow the 2014 National Curriculum but taught through a 'cross curricular' approach.  This means that all the writing, history, geography, art, design, drama and some of the computing lessons are based around the topic being taught that term. We believe that this gives our children a more stimulating, engaging and coherent education. For a more detailed picture of what we are covering in your child's year group please see below.

Our Skills Curriculum

We believe that to succeed in learning and in life a certain set of skills are required. We have encapsulated these into a set of animal characteristics and endeavour to build them into everything we do.
The school’s curriculum provides rich opportunities for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
Good teaching and clear explanations from teachers help pupils to believe that they can achieve. This approach successfully supports pupils making good progress in reading, writing and mathematics.

Reading at St Keyna

At St Keyna, our resolve is to teach reading effectively and encourage a life-long love of reading. This skill underpins our curriculum and allows children access to learning at all stages of their lives, as well as equipping them with an enjoyable activity that provides relaxation and pleasure. Here is a summary of our reading programme:
Curriculum content for each subject by year group
Reception     English        Maths        Other Subjects
Year 1            English        Maths        Other Subjects
Year 2            English        Maths        Other Subjects
Year 3            English        Maths        Other Subjects
Year 4            English        Maths        Other Subjects
Year 5            English        Maths        Other Subjects
Year 6            English        Maths        Other Subjects
Please note this content is still in completion.

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